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youngblackana's Journal

Young Black and Ana
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Brought to you by the girl who created young, black, and ana.

This is a Live Journal community made by a black girl who has an eating disorder. While it is made targeted at minorities who have eating disorders anybody may join. Me, myself I'm part white and japanese as well so don't worry about feeling left out. This fight we must all fight together. The community has some rules of course

1. no racist remarks! first and foremost. No 'well all puerto ricans have big thighs' or some randomness like that. Ana isn't a racist so I won't be having any here.
2. All big pics under an LJ-cut
3. No nude pics.
4. On posting thinsperation: I respectfully request that in adittion to following the other pic posting rules that you only post thinsperation of minorities. Black, asian, hispanic, etc. don't get me wrong lately I've got dita von teese pics all over my bathroom but it's way easier to find giselle and the rest.
5. Be nice or will get kicked out of here.

otherwise have fun, share, and be safe.

I'll be posting some of the pics and everything from the site. since freeservers is getting way too crazy with those popups!

Fat apple